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Download the UPPA Pledge Form
Uplands Fundraising Pledge Campaign
Fund raising is indeed one of UPPA’s primary functions.  For Uplands to survive and prosper, it needs to compete with the best schools in South Africa.  This will take dedication and lots of money, hence our decision to launch UPPA with a major pledge drive.   All Uplands Schools’ past pupils, parents of past pupils and friendsare invited to make a meaningful financial pledge that will help the Uplands Schools achieve their goals and ensure continued excellence in the future.
If you wish to submit a pledge, we invite you to download and print the UPPA Pledge Form below, as well as the Debit Order Authorisation form.  On completion please fax both forms, with your confirmation of payment, to the following fax number:  086 656 7192
Download the Debit Order Authorisation Form