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What is UPPA?


UPPA is the Uplands Past Pupils’ Association for past pupils of both Uplands Preparatory School and Uplands College situated in White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa.


The Uplands Past Pupils Association has been formed to promote good fellowship between past pupils of Uplands Prep and Uplands College, and generally to promote and maintain close relations between members of the Association, teachers past and present, and both schools.



Who qualifies to join UPPA?


Past Pupils, who were at the prep or the college for longer than 3yrs qualify to be a lifetime member.


Past Parents, Former Staff, Friends of Uplands  – any friend of Uplands who applies to the association for membership and is accepted.


UPPA Membership is FREE! 


Membership of UPPA is free.  However donations are greatly appreciated.  All funds go towards bursaries and development projects.  We invite you to make a pledge now, please click on the icon, right.



Aims and Objectives of UPPA


Social - To foster, encourage and maintain bonds between members.

Fundraising - To raise funds for bursaries & development of Uplands School.

Advisory - to provide strategic input into school affairs on an ongoing basis.

Custodians - to act as a custodian of  the ethos of the school.



A Message from the Chairperson of Uplands Past Pupils Association     


Dear Uplands Past Pupils, Parents of Past Pupils and Friends of Uplands,


It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Uplands Past Pupils Assocation (UPPA).  This is a new structure, set up by a group of past pupils with the view to:


1. Fostering, encouraging and maintaining bonds between UPPA members and between UPPA members and the Uplands Schools.

2. Raising funds for the Uplands Schools.  

3.Providing strategic input into the Uplands Schools where required.

4. Acting as a custodian of the culture and ethos of the Uplands Schools.


UPPA has been guided by a committed Steering Committee for the past 6 months to oversee the formation of the association and planned operation of UPPA.  A proposed constitution has been drafted which is available for comment/input over the next few months. We hope to have this document finalised and ratified at the UPPA Annual General Meeting in November 2011.  


Uplands Fund-raising Pledge Campaign


It is opportune for UPPA’s launch to coincide with the Uplands Festival – the single largest fund raiser on the Uplands calendar.  Fund raising is indeed one of UPPA’s primary functions.  For the Uplands Schools to survive and prosper, they need to be able to compete with the best schools in South Africa This will take dedication and lots of money, hence our decision to launch UPPA with a major pledge drive.  I encourage all Uplands Schools’ past pupils, parents of past pupils and friends to join UPPA and to make a meaningful financial pledge that will help the Uplands Schools achieve their goals and ensure continued excellence in the future.


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I believe it is the camaraderie between various Uplands past pupils that initiated the UPPA concept.  It is this that UPPA can now provide for all Uplands past pupils, past parents and friends in the form of networking, socials and project work – fun and friendship in the name of supporting our Uplands Schools!


Join now and give generously….


Yours sincerely,

Murrough Davies-Webb

UPPA Chairman



Message from the Headmaster of Uplands College

Uplands College was established in 1997 by people with vision and energy. Building on the roots of the Prep, the College has become a leading educational institution in a very short period of time. The future however depends on the graduates it has spawned.  We are all very excited that the past pupil association is now coming of age under the leadership of UPPA. We urge you to become part of this association as the baton of the founders is slowly passed onto visionary and energetic past pupils.


Austin Clarke

Headmaster – Uplands College


About UPPA